Here's what some of our satisfied clients have to say:

"John demands a very high quality workmanship from his subcontractors, and in so doing, he has received a great deal of respect and cooperation."   

          J.A. (Mercer Island, WA)

"Our house was a very difficult house to build with its many complex angles and use of novel materials.  Throughout construction, John Hall worked with us constantly to ensure we were getting the house we wanted and were happy with the results."   

          D.C. (Medina, WA)

"John Hall, his crew, and the subcontractors selected by John were professional and delightful to work with.  They worked very closely with the architects and often made suggestions that were more cost effective and, on a pragmatic level, simply worked better.  The pride they have as craftsmen is evident in the attention to detail (our home is often referred to as a jewel box), and the fact that they continue to be responsive to the small maintenance needs that occur from time to time."

          S.O. (Hunts Point)

"It was a pleasure to work with you and to experience the relationship that you have with your crew and sub contractors.  They all are skilled and professional.  They were very appreciative of you since you are also a skilled construction craftsman and work with them on the project.  You were there, physically involved with the pouring of cement through finishing the trim work.  Getting to know your crew was wonderful.  They are pleasant, neat, careful and craftsmen.  We are happy to consider them among our friends."

          J.G. (Mercer Island, WA)

"John is one of the most skilled builders I have ever had the pleasure to work with.  His eye and attention to detail is unmatched and he always seems to be thinking five steps ahead of everyone's tasks, clearly directing all to the very best interests of his clients."

          J.H. (Subcontractor)

"John produces high quality results that exceed expectations!"

         S.C. (Architect)

"John proved to be a very fine builder.  His employees obviously liked (almost loved) him.  There was complete honesty and trust.  He also chose the best subcontractors.  He explained things regarding the plans that were difficult for me to understand.  His finish work was done extremely well.  I would recommend him to anyone needing an excellent contractor."

          L.B. (Kirkland, WA)

"With all of the stories that one hears about contractors, it is a real pleasure to have dealt with somebody like John Hall and receive the professional service from him and his organization.  Incidentally, all of his employees, even the subcontractors, seem to have one thing in common--to provide good, cheerful service."

          J.C. (Seattle, WA)

"You are to be congratulated on the quality of the finished product.  That is obviously apparent to the eye.  But what is not so apparent to anyone not involved in the day to day workings of the building operation, is the kind and gentle nature of the two people most responsible for directing the work, namely you, John Hall, and your capable foreman.  This house was large and complex, unusual in its design, presenting many challenges not often encountered in residential building.  There were countless, varying conditions; rigorous tests of the skill of all trades people involved.  Yet, the finished results, I believe, are superior."

          W.L. (Architect)

"Without question, the John Hall home I purchased represents the finest level of craftsmanship and quality available anywhere.  John's comprehensive knowledge of building, structure, and artistic form further enabled him to do some additional features that I desired at reasonable costs and maximum added value.  More importantly, his ability to understand the client's desires, communicate the details, and execute the project, are assets that are rare in the residential construction industry."

          P.Q. (Mercer Island, WA)

"My wife and I were much more than just satisfied with John Hall's performance on this very detailed project.  We made, during the course of construction, numerous changes and additions to the project.  At all times during the construction, John was aware of the details of the project and offered suggestions regarding details and omissions in the plans and specifications.  His contributions were always quite logical, and the subcontractors and the carpenters he had on the job were all very good mechanics."

          D.R. (Medina, WA)

"John and his staff did an outstanding job.  Their attention to even the smallest detail was amazing.  We developed a schedule and moved into the house with 99% of everything finished on the very day specified.  John's good judgment on things that would make the house more liveable and better suited to our life-style was very much appreciated.  The workmanship in the house is the best that I have ever seen.  He enhanced the value of our home substantially."

          J.S. (Bellevue, WA)

"I think the thing that impresses me most as I analyze my relationship with John is the fact that we have remained on good and even friendly terms throughout all of this.  I hear story after story of people ending up being furious with their contractors and seeking legal redress, and this is a sign to me that John stands out in his field.  He has always made a realistic bid and we have never had a significant cost over run.  He does not start the project and then run off to do something else leaving you in the lurch.  He sticks with it and finishes the project in approximately the time he has estimated.  His work has always been first rate."

          F.T. (Mercer Island, WA)

"We wish to commend you and your people on a job well done in the extensive remodeling (a better description would be "rebuilding") of our Alki condominium.  The quality of the workmanship is outstanding.  Virtually everyone who has visited has raved about the beauty of the final product - cabinetry, walls and trim, floors and tile work, lighting and fixtures, and the painting.  You have assembled a great group of employees and subcontractors.  And, based on the comments of many of our friends about their experience with builders, yours is really a remarkable organization."

          R.Y. (Seattle, WA)

"Throughout the process your involvement and expertise added greatly to the outcome of the project.  It was extremely valuable to me to have your input and a flexibility and problem solving that can only come from a position of mastery.  When a problem arose, the JMH crew came up with a specific proposal to solve the problem before coming to me to talk it through.  This communication was essential to keep the process moving.  It worked great for me to have a proposal to springboard off and find the right solution.”

            B.N. (Seattle, WA)

"Thank you for making our home more beautiful than ever... it was like you were never here!  Fond memories of you."

            L.R. Family (Seattle Highlands)

"JMH Corp exemplifies the highest standards in the construction industry.  The professionalism and personal care, exhibited by Mr. John Hall and his construction associates, has gained for us the most pleasant and rewarding experience during the building of our new residence."

            B.O. (S. Bellevue, WA)

"After nearly a year from the time we moved in, the quality and care your team delivered is evident everywhere.  The house continues to look and work as it did new.  The lack of bugs to work out was pleasant surprise.... the true test of a contractor is the finished product.  We are very pleased with ours."

            S.J. (Sammamish, WA)

"John impressed us with his wealth of knowledge, experience and quality workmanship that exceeded our expectations.  His work and attention to detail was outstanding.  We were so impressed with his timeless design and quality construction which convinced us we would love to have John build a custom home with all the features we wanted.  We appreciated John's engagement throughout the project to deliver a stunning home that we enjoy everyday."

            R.T. (Mercer Island, WA)

"John, the office is exceptionally functional and beautiful, garnering many comments regarding the ambiance and workmanship.  I thank you so much for your personal interest in furthering my happy career.  Your generosity was much appreciated.  It has always been so comforting to know that you have been out there when I encountered some 'building issues'."

            T.M. (Mercer Island, WA)

"When John Hall worked with us, he was focused on assuring that the work he was responsible for was completed with high grade materials consistent with our current structure.  He also paid great attention to detail, which ensured that all new construction has blended seamlessly with our existing home.  Both times when we have worked with John, at first extending our house and then more recently repairing our home, we have been so pleased with the end result."

            D.L. (Mercer Island, WA)

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